Erick Willis – A Texas Country Star on the Rise

This past Thursday we got to witness that hard work and dedication pay off for a Great Texas Country artist named Erick Willis. He was able to have one of his shows booked on the stage at Billy Bobs the World’s largest Honkytonk. For many country artists especially, Texas country artist it is a great honor to be booked for one of your shows at Billy Bobs.

Erick Willis has been working very hard touring, writing, and putting out great songs for years now and it finally paid off for him. He has played at Billy Bob’s one other time and that is a great accomplishment for any artist, he was able to go above and beyond and was asked to come back and put on one of his great shows that we have been witnessing for a while now.

Erick is really a great artist and has a truly amazing voice and his band will definitely rock the house and put on a phenomenal show no matter where they play.

We were out there watching and waiting as it came closer to time for the show to start and you could see the crowd getting closer to the stage and continuing to grow even though the show was on a Thursday night.

As soon as Erick and the band took the stage the crowd began to holler, clap, and whistle as they hit the first chords of his opening song “She Already Knows” of his first album “Please”. As they continued to play into their set and played some of their more popular songs titled “What did you Expect” and “Flood Gate” many people in the crowd took to the dance floor twirling and dancing all around while singing along to every word that Erick and his band sang.

They also played some of their new songs that will be on their yet to be named album that will be out in January of 2018. I can tell you if you ever get a chance to see them live do yourself a favor and go to their show you will not be disappointed. I really believe that Erick is a big star on the rise and he will continue to grow show after show and song after song. In the mean while until you get a chance to see his show here are a few pictures that we were able to capture there.

Photos and words  by Craig & Paula Youngblood

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