El Monstero takes Kansas City by storm

What was once the best kept secret in St. Louis is now getting a name for itself through the Midwest. El Monstero, billed as the “Definitive Pink Floyd Tribute” played to a packed Uptown Theater in Kansas City, on Friday night. While many in attendance have seen the show before, and some in the double digits (hi Ralph), some were there for their first time; word must be getting out.

With so many Pink Floyd tribute acts out there, taking the title of “definitive” is a lofty claim. Since I haven’t seen all the acts, I’m unable to rank them all, but it seems like El Monstero would be a hard act to top. With a cast of 14 musicians, actors, backup singers, and dancers, El Monstero certainly doesn’t hold back. Aerial acrobatics? Check. Pole dancers? You know it. Ballet? Why not. With an impressively library of material to pull from, El Monstero takes a nice selection of Pink Floyd’s material, and combines it in such a way that flows effortlessly.

Though there was someone outside the theater asking if Pink Floyd was “Some kind of rock and roll band,” it was clear everyone in attendance knew exactly who they were (except for some kids who fell asleep near the end). Coming in at nearly three hours, with one brief intermission, El Monstero certainly puts on a phenomenal. When they come to your town, don’t walk, you’d better Run Like Hell to get your tickets.


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