Black Top Mojo “Self Titled” EP review

Black Top Mojo Self Titled review

When I finally was able to sit down and listen to Black Top Mojo’s album, I wanted to learn a little about the band first. Blacktop Mojo is a rock band from Palestine, Texas. The band was founded by Matt James and Nathan Gillis in 2012. The bands members are vocalist Matt James, drummer Nathan Gillis, guitarists Ryan Kiefer and Chuck Wepfer, and bassist Matt Curtis. The band released their self-titled album on August 13th.

Black Top Mojo’s self-titled album has 12 songs that will hit your soul. The songs go from good ole rock n’ roll to a little blues. I was surprised at the album’s variety of rock, blues, and some country sounds. The band’s energy and powerful vocals pulled me in. The guitar riffs and drums were so intense that I wanted more.

The first song up was “Wicked Woman,” and let’s just say that I wanted to hear more!! From the kick ass guitar riffs, banging bass, and heavy drums I was hooked! The catchy chorus, raspy rock voice of the lead singer Matt James, and the heavy guitar riffs in the song “Bed Tundy” were hard not to like! “Latex” started slow and sweet but then those choruses brought it up. The guitar, drums, and the soft, yet deep vocals thrown in here and there just pulled me in to keep listening. “Hold me Down” reminded me of my youth of big hair, friends, and just some good old fashion classic rock. I have to say, listening to the whole EP was pretty great! I often skip songs, but not here. Each song had a unique sound and kept me hanging on. The final track “Tail Lights” closes out the album perfectly.  The song reached my soul and felt good.

I am a new fan and will be checking out some of their old music. If you are looking for some powerful, badass, soul reaching rock n’ roll music this is it!

If you just want to get lost in some good old rock n’ roll, this album has it all. From big guitar riffs, huge vocals, and a variety of songs, this album rocks! This album is a must to listen to for rock n’ roll in 2021.

By: Diane Marie

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