“The Underdogs” from Sir Reg – Album Review

The Underdogs is the fifth album from Sir Reg, a Celtic punk rock sextet from Sweden. It’s a hard driving album in the tradition of Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly. In fact, on some tracks, Brendan Sheehy’s vocal stylings are VERY similar to Dave King from Flogging Molly. This shows most on the title track “The Underdogs”  or other anthemic rockers like “FOOL (Fight Of Our Lives)” and “Connor McGregor”. If the lyrics were a bit more poetic and flowery, I’d swear it WAS Dave King and FM. Not all of the tracks are in that vein though. The bouncy, bass driven “Take Me To The Dealer” changes things up a bit and sees them finding a more individual sound. “The Day That You Died” is an acoustic, almost poppy, take on a dark subject that reminded me a lot of The Tossers. The album has the mandatory instrumental (‘Cairbre’) and the silly accapella number that I’m sure is a great sing-a-long live (“The Stopover”). But it was the closer, “Sinner of the Century”, that was the gem at the end for me. It is a bit slower than the rest of the album but I felt it to be one of the better, tighter pieces and evocative of the more personal sound glimpsed at in a few of the earlier tracks. This song could only be Sir Reg. In all, the album is a solid effort from a band that is developing their own voice and style in a genre that makes it tough to be unique.

Review by Grndl

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