Planet Comicon 2018 – Kansas City

It might seem odd to talk about a convention on a website that covers music. When you consider that one of the star guests this year was none other than Alice Cooper himself, things seem slightly less strange. While we don’t have any video of the panels (though I’m sure it’ll turn up on YouTube), or interviews with Alice, we do have photos, as you would come to expect.

We expanded out a bit, and included pictures of cosplayers, in addition to the celebrity panels. We have Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman. We have Rob Paulsen, and Maurice LaMarche, better known as Pinky & The Brain, as well as Jess Harnell, better known as Wakko from Animaniacs. And of course, Danny Trejo, Alice Cooper, and others…

Everyone has their favorite celebrities, and fandoms, and while we were unable to get coverage of John Cusack, his panel conflicted with Twisted Toonz (no apologies – look it up if you’re unfamiliar), we were able to still bring a lot of photo content along.

Thanks in part to regular releases of super hero movies, geek culture has become more mainstream, and cons such as this are popping up all around the country. The list of celebrity guests shows that it’s not just comic books. Even WWE Legend, Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Hoooooooooooo!) had a table set up, and was more than gracious toward anyone who stopped by to say hello. These conventions certainly have something for everyone.

Hopefully, you enjoy this slight departure from our usual content, and if you’re just now joining us as a result of Planet Comicon: welcome! Hopefully, you’ll stick around.




Photos and Words by Josh Chaikin

For more information about Planet Comicon, please visit:


Cosplayers included:

Ezmeralda Von Katz
Rebels MidAmerica

Red Thread Cosplay
Rosanna Rocha
Larissa Marie White

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