Panic! At The Disco Brings Viva Las Vengeance to KC

panic at the disco live in Kansas City September 13th 2022
Panic! At the Disco at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City. Photo by Colt Coan

Like the seasons changing and weather following course, Brendan Urie has begun another evolutionary period in the historied career of Panic! At The Disco. 

The Viva Las Vengeance Tour is the current tour of Panic at the Disco’s brand-new album of the same name, spanning 29 dates in the US alone before trekking onto their international dates in early 2023. The new album has had mixed reactions across newer and “OG” P!ATD fans. Some of the responses seen have ranged from ecstatic to bewildered, which seems to be a staple for Brendan Urie in his musical deliveries of recent years; always evolving their sound and finding something new in his ability as a performer and vocalist. 

Jake Wesley Rogers

Opening the show was Jake Wesley Rogers. With a stylistic flair and beautifully melodic vocals, this was a captivating performance for the live crowd, especially for being Jake Wesley Rogers’ first arena tour. Admittedly this was my first time hearing of Jake, but this set was a welcome introduction to a night of music; almost channeling the flamboyant stylings of Elton John while rocking a piano in the opening number. I look forward to the growth and rise of this young artist.

Beach Bunny

Following Jake Wesley Rogers was indie superstar group Beach Bunny. Bringing forward a very mellow, tempered performance, it was a unique pairing within this tour. The crowd definitely seemed to enjoy this set and It was a fun build of anticipation for the headliner. Beach Bunny has grown tremendously and it’s truly a great sight to see groups such as this grow to this level in 2022.

9PM and “Running Up That Hill” fade out

The show in Kansas City began with Brendan Urie rising from the stage like a ghost from the fog. Kicking into the intro of their hit single “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”. It was filled with dynamic, well-placed pyrotechnics, and was an excellent opening performance to engage both new and old fans. 

The show was top loaded with a bunch of crowd favorites that the audience was fully invested for. Classic songs like “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”, “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time”, a massive crowd pleaser like “This Is Gospel”, and “Miss Jackson” brought us forward to the Viva Las Vengeance section of the performance.

I think the formatting of this show was very smart on behalf of Panic and crew, as this album admittedly takes some warming up to, and meshing this in an intertwined fashion between new and old material gave perspective for the audience in how this album can sit in the overall discography.

panic at the disco live in Kansas City September 13th 2022

Viva Las Vengeance Enters The Scene

Through the show, we saw new songs such as the title song “Viva Las Vengeance”, along with other singles from the album like “Local God” and “Don’t Let the Light Go Out” keep the momentum moving forward, feeling of almost like Panic at the Disco was now an energetic 50’s doo-wop group mixed with a 1980s musical rebirthed in 2022. 

As the show was drawing near a close, more classics were brought out to send the crowd home with a satisfaction of familiarity. Closing the performance out with songs like “Nine in the Afternoon”, “Death of a Bachelor”, and of course “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was, I believe, an excellent way to close a wildly eventful evening.

Ending the performance on the hugely popular song “High Hopes”, this was what I would classify as a mostly successful tour on an album that has drawn a wide variety of responses from the fans. It was well-blended into the setlist, it didn’t feel out of place but more-so an alternate reality of Panic! At The Disco, and that isn’t a bad thing. Catch Brendan Urie and crew in a city near you during the 25 remaining dates in the US before they head across the pond for some dates in 2023.  

Words and Photos by Colt Coan

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