Mac Sabbath Delivers Fast Food Metal to Kansas City

“I have frying pan!” were the words that boomed through the Knuckleheads Garage in Kansas City this past Sunday night. This was followed by smoke billowing out of a grill center stage, from which Ronald Osbourne, singer for fast foot metal juggernaut, Mac Sabbath, pulled hamburgers, McRibs and, yes, even a bat which he bit the head off of. Of course, you can’t start a show off with such a display, so things began much tamer…Ronald being led onstage in a straight jacket.

If the name wasn’t enough to give things away, Mac Sabbath are a Black Sabbath tribute band, whose lyrics sing the virtues of fast food, and MSG. Recently wrapping up a tour with “Cinn-a-Bon Jovi, and Chik-fil-AC/DC”. Ronald was quick to add that they were offered a tour with “Machine Head & Shoulders,” but scoffed at the idea of “Shampoo metal”. Though high praise was given for “Great White Castle,” and “Burger King Diamond.” It’s very clear the band was having fun, and so was the audience.

The band is more than just a clever gimmick, however; each member is highly skilled on their instrument. Slayer McCheeze is on guitar (though Toni Fryomi would’ve been hilarious as well), Grimalice on bass, and The Catburglar on drums – complete with Peter Criss makeup. And everyone ate it up (figuratively – no food was given out by Mac Sabbath, unlike opening act Bacon Shoe who gave out…bacon).

When classic songs like War Pigs, and Paranoid becomes More Ribs, and Pair-a-Buns respectively, you know that you’re in for a unique experience. The detail extends to the parking lot where they set up their own McDonald’s sign, and inside, the merch booth is like a fast food counter, complete with paper hat wearing attendant.  

Too often, rock shows forget about the show part, which can be so much more than lights. Mac Sabbath brings that, as well as hard-hitting music. So the next time you get the craving, just remember; Mac Sabbath delivers. May I take your order?

Mac Sabbath

Bacon Shoe

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