Evanesence Lights Up Miami

When Amy Lee of Evanescence hits the stage, she’s a one woman wrecking ball of energy, in unison with the raw emotion, and unequaled performance of the rest of the group. And that’s exactly what happened in front of the eyes of a completely sold out Jackie Gleason Theater last Sunday’s night. Around 9:00 PM the lights dimmed for the show to begin, and the band took places onto the stage ready to launch among the indefatigable and ecstatic cheering of the crowd. The hard and powerful chords began for “Everybody’s Fool” and Amy ran onto the stage. The up-tempo, high energy rocker set the night off on a high note and it only go higher from there.

Like many not-quite-metal bands, a broad category whose leading edge included Tool, Linkin Park, and Audioslave, Evanescence had a particular kind of heyday in the mid-2000s, and they kind of created a sub-genre into what is called classic goth metal. And during almost two hours they proved themselves in top form, delighting each and every one of the die-hard fans reunited at the Miami Beach’s top theater, with a juxtaposition of bone-crushingly heavy tunes against whisper-light ballads, all anchored by Lee’s one-of-a-kind voice. The entire score comprised by 20 songs was a complete perfection in every tone, note and siren son, aided by a flawless sound quality and impeccable lightning effects. Amy exceeded any and all expectations I could have possibly had for this show. Her high energy stage presence and an undeniably fierce vocal style, brilliantly accompanied by her band mates, was pure bliss. The best thing about Lee’s voice is that it isn’t swallowed up by the audience or fellow band members when she sings live – her vocal delivery is a true reflection on her art and nothing is lost in translation.

New songs were intertwined throughout the set with older songs making it so that fans, old, and new, had something to sing along to. Fan favorites such as “Lithium”, “My Immortal”, and “Going Under” made their presence, as well as many others, and the band kept the crowd on its toes admirably through the whole set, but when the initial chords of “Bring Me to Life” began the cheering was almost unbelievable. The closing tune was a surprising cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”, which Amy nailed in every sense.

Epic on all levels, Evanescence is an act you must see. Their show will mesmerize your senses and you will be talking about it long after… haunting and captivating for sure. Highly recommended!

Photos and words by Joel Barrios

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