El Monstero Heats up Kansas City in 2016

Pink Floyd is just as ubiquitous as Star Wars, or Coca-Cola. Their songs and albums are known by nearly everyone, and you’d better believe if this is an act you are going to emulate, you better pull out all the stops. This is exactly what El Monstero does.

People of all ages packed the Uptown Theater Saturday night. A good number of these fans have seen this band before, (number 61 for super fan, Ralph). I was not one of them, but after this night, this is certainly a band I will not want to miss when they roll through town again.

This show had a little something for everyone. The stage show alone is impressive enough even for someone who has never heard of Pink Floyd (you’d have to live under a rock, though). Lights, lasers and smoke combine with pole dancers, aerial acrobats and ballerinas to leave the viewer with an eye full of wonder. Join this with the flawless performance of El Monstero and you are left in absolute awe.

But the real reason to go isn’t just for the stage show – it’s for the music. The first half of the show features a lot of performances from the Wall – and the lead singer matched Roger Waters sound and bravado on stage. It’s not just the lead singer who wow’s the audience – the bassist, guitarists, keyboardists, drummer, backup vocals and saxophonist – all lead incredible support to this multi-faceted stage spectacle.

A brief intermission, then back to the hits. Favorites from “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Wish You Were Here”, and many more carried well into the night. The front of the stage was packed with fans singing along to their favorite songs. Getting to the front of the stage proved a little difficult – this was prime real estate. There was so much to take in and the closer you were, the better it was.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a fan of Pink Floyd to enjoy this show – the performance along with the amazing stage show shined on like a Crazy Diamond.

Members: Mark Thomas Quinn, Jimmy Griffin, Kevin Gagnepain, Bryan Greene, John Pessoni, Bill Reiter, Jake Elking, Dave Farver, Erminie Cannon, Tandra Williams, Mindy Mierek


Photos by Josh Chaikin
Words by Dallas Hessel

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