Dorothy Returns to Recordbar

Hello friends, it seems like it’s only been a day since we were out, but with so many great bands rolling through town, it’s hard to avoid going to their concerts. Thursday night brought us back to Recordbar to see CLASSLESS ACT, JOYOUS WOLF, and of course DOROTHY.

Opening the night wer CLASSLESS ACT. Originally from Los Angeles (with one member from Dallas), these rockers have already made a name for themselves, and are gearing up to open the Motley Crue/Def Leppard stadium tour this year. So it was nice to see them on the small stage before they hit the big one. Guitarist Griffin Tucker even had family in attendance that night, including his 80 year-young grandmother, who was given a seat right by the stage, in the standing-room only venue.

Coming out like a bat out of hell, it’s easy to see why people such as Tommy Lee have lauded the band. The energy is non-stop from the moment they hit the stage, and continued well into the night. I found myself jumping around to DOROTHY with them at the back of the house later that evening, while they were playing air guitar and drums with the rest of the fans.

With Derek Day on lead vocals, Dane Pepper and Griffin Tucker on guitar, Franco Gravante on bass, and Chuck McKissock laying down the beat on the throne, the guys easily won over those smart enough to show up to the show early. A blend of the sound of the 70’s, and 90’s alt-rock, these cats have found a groove that hits hard, loud, and fun. I say this a lot, but with the crowd response, and upcoming tour, these guys are going straight to the top.

Taking the stage next were JOYOUS WOLF. I previously had seen them when they opened for DEEP PURPLE in 2019, and was excited to see them again. Also hailing from SoCal, these guys have honed a sound that can only come from hundreds of live performances, and featured some free-style dancing from vocalist Nick Reese. With powerful, booming vocals that seem to defy his smaller frame. Paired with sweeping guitar rhythms from Blake Allard, and powerful beats from bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro. The band is steadily climbing up the ranks of the industry through their healthy touring schedule.

Of course, it wouldn’t be live entertainment without some sort of interaction, and an altercation briefly broke out amongst the crowd. Nick was able to deescalate the situation, and get the show back on track. The abrupt drop in energy was jarring, but things quickly picked up steam, and things ended on a high note. We’re all there to have fun, be cool to each other, and check out JOYOUS WOLF when they’re playing near you, or pick up their new single through Road Runner.

Closing out the night were DOROTHY. By now, Recordbar had to be close to capacity, and the sound drew many curious on-lookers watching from the street, some of whom even came in and bought a ticket. For anyone who has seen DOROTHY live, it is easy to see why.

This was DOROTHY‘s third appearance at Recordbar, and my third time seeing them, having also seen them opening for BREAKING BENJAMIN. So, I was ready to hear some of the classics from my Spotify playlist, as well as some of the new material on Gifts from the Holy Ghost, which I quickly picked up at their merch booth.

For the uninitiated, DOROTHY‘s sound has the bluesy rasp of Janis Joplin, and the rocking punch of HALESTORM. And they sound as good live as they do on the recordings. Because DOROTHY gets it right in the studio. No corrections with auto-tune. This dedication to perfection makes the live experience all the better. There are those who say if they want perfection, they’ll stay at home. I disagree; if there’s miming to a recorded track, sure. But if you love the recording, hearing it live, coming towards you at 120 decibels, with the bass shaking you to your core is an incredible experience. And DOROTHY delivers on that.

Peppered through the set were favorites like Raise a Little Hell (the first song from the band I’d heard), Flawless, and from their latest release, Rest in Peace. DOROTHY also played a cover of the EURTHYMICS classic Sweet Dreams. Dorothy’s sultry voice was a perfect fit for the song made famous by Annie Lennox.

The trio of bands CLASSLESS ACT, JOYOUS WOLF, and DOROTHY makes for a powerhouse billing. Any on their own would be worth of the price of admission, but seeing all three together makes for a memorable evening. I’m excited to see what comes next for all of them.

Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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