Don’t Make a Scene! – Cassia

I know that has been a tough year last year for everyone and this year 2021 is not looking like it will completely let up either. One of the hardest parts for music lovers like yourself and I is that we are desperately missing the live shows we used to attend regularly. Whether you were a fan of the small shows of the thousands that would be in the arena shows and festivals it has been rough on all of us.

Luckily for us though we still have artists and bands writing and recording new music for us to help us all get by during these unprecedented times. I was asking our great editor if he had anything new that needed to be reviewed because I was dying to hear some new music. Shortly after that I received an email with a new single from the band Cassia that is a wonderful trio out of Berlin. Cassia have made their mark with their own brand of calypso-flavored indie pop music that seems to be a genre all on its own. It also seems that they have developed what some would say is a cult following over the last few years around the UK and Europe. They just dropped this acoustic version of their current single “Don’t Make a Scene” off of their EP “Powerlines” They also have a great music video of their single that you can enjoy as well and help brighten your day.

As I hit the play button on this song it immediately hits you with some uplifting strumming of a guitar quickly followed up humming to get you in a grooving mood to listen to the lyrics that follow next. The lead singer Rob Ellis has a very rich and soulful voice that you could just sit around and listen to and clear your head and be able to soak up all the words that he is singing to you. He tells his listeners that ordinary people don’t go and make a scene and I believe he is just telling you to follow your dreams and just be you. The vocalists are also letting us know that there is still good left in this world and that when we find it, we should cherish it and hold onto it. The same can be said for all the good people that we find in our lives that we should also cherish them and hold onto them as much as we can. This is such a positive and uplifting song and I cannot wait to listen to more work from the amazing trio for overseas.

I will be keeping an eye out for a new album from these guys hopefully sooner than later and it looks like they may be playing some shows in April around their hometown areas. I will be adding this song and EP to my playlist and I believe it will always help give you a lift to a better day when things are not going as you would like and help you get some positivity back into your life. Hopefully one day they will be able to tour and make over her to the United States and I will get to experience their unique brand of music in person.

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