Cassyette, Calva Louise & Lozeak – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 20/03/23

Cassyette at Rescue Rooms. Photo by Carrie-Anne Pollard

It might be a wet and dark evening in March, but the queue for tonight snakes down the slope sits atop of as I arrive. For anyone somehow still in doubt about whether women deserve to take up space in the alternative scene, the number of black clad supporters waiting it out in the drizzle is undeniable.

First up is Lozeak, who blends poppy vocals with light synth beats. After gaining popularity on social media, Lozeak – backed by her trio of band members – is out in force, proving that her live show is just as impressive as her online presence. At times softly caressing the lyrics to songs such as Hate Me Too and XO, she makes her way through a set of released songs, teases at soon to be released and even throws in a cover of Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith for good measure. Lozeak finishes the set on arguably the most rocky song of her back catalogue Word Vomit, which mixes pounding drums and punchy shouted vocals, showing the range Lozeak is capable of.

Next up are the multicultural genre defying Calva Louise. Based in Britain – via Venezuela, France and New Zealand – this grungy noise pop trio bring a completely different sound to our opening act. Screaming vocals, crushing guitar and distorted synths combine in a wall of power. Songs such as Third Class Citizen and Feast Is Over bring important topics to the forefront. Speaking of front, frontwoman Jess Allanic oozes aggression and pent up frustration when screaming ‘fuck you’, before totally transforming to a smiley chatty entertainer between songs…even while saying ‘fuck you’ to Brexit, ‘we’re not going anywhere’.

Last but certainly not least, Cassyette bursts onto the stage, raw power and energy. Blending elements of nostalgic nu metal sounds with pop punk and vocals that would rival any top 10 artist. Cassyette certainly knows how to put on a show, jumping onto the front barrier during Mayhem, to the delight of the masses screaming the words back at her. Songs like Sad Girl Summer have that quality that will be stuck in your head for weeks, while the power of Petrichor is only amplified by the whole room joining in. Cassyette is captivating, stomping around the stage, joining the front rows, bouncing with boundless energy – all while maintaining pitch perfect, powerful vocals. It’s certainly a feat to behold. Ending the set with an encore of Dear Goth and Prison Purse, the rowdy room stays engaged from start to end.

Tonight, we were treated to a veritable feast of talent. From the softer poppier rock of Lozeak, to the grunge electro aggression of Calva Louise, and of course not forgetting the main event – Cassyette – who combined nostalgic nu metal with singalong souring vocals. What a way to spend a wet and dark evening in March.

Words and Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard

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