The Pit Crew

Josh Chaikin – Big Cheese/Principal Photographer

Josh has a camera and sort of knows how to use it, sometimes he gets lucky and actually gets things in focus.  He also used to be a magician, which has earned him the nickname “magic man” with venue security.

josh [at]

Kyle “Speedy” Scranton- Word Jockey (Retired)

Kyle has no bio. Seriously, it’s like a medical condition or something.

Dallas Hessel – Word Monkey 

Dallas is a former guitarist for a shitty metalcore band in Kansas City, and still enjoys playing guitar and drums, but more to annoy his wife and pets. At the shows, he kind of just wanders around, and scribbles in a notepad. He might actually be illiterate. If the reviews were about the venue bars rather than the shows, his content would probably be better.

 Carrie-Anne Pollard – European Correspondent

Carrie-Anne really likes music, and really likes photos, so she found a way to combine them both. She also really likes tea (English, duh!) but hasn’t quite figured out how to integrate that love into the industry yet (it’s an ongoing work in progress)…but, fortunately, the mountain of Yorkshire tea certainly does have its use during the editing process!

Nici  Eberl European Correspondent

Nici writes stuff and shoots bands, but in the U.K.



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