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Love Pump – VooDoo Lounge – Kansas City

Love Pump. The name alone conjures up images of 80’s hair metal and products you might find advertised in the back of dirty magazines. Fortunately, for us, this time it’s about the music.

Love Pump is a tribute act, in Kansas City, honoring all things great about 80’s rock. Wailing guitar solos, spandex and, of course, hair. On Saturday night, they took to the stage at Harrah’s VooDoo lounge, and set the place on fire. Not in a Great White kind of way either.


(Did I mention wicked custom guitars?)







With covers of AC/DC, Styx, Billy Idol, and many, many, more the show is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who grew up in the 80’s, likes 80’s music or has heard of the 80’s.


Besides, you know it’s a good show when all the ladies in the crowd take to the stage.

For more information about Love Pump, their schedule or videos of them performing, please visit http://www.lovepumpkc.com