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Interview with Heath Fields of SHALLOW SIDE

Anya :  You have released you new six track EP can you tell me a little bit about the release? Heath Fields : We have released our new EP titled “ONE” and are currently on a vigorous tour cycle supporting the new release. It is a little different from our previous two releases, I feel like we capture our southern ...

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Interview with Anders “LA” Rönnblom of KILLER BEE

Anya : What can you tell me about the new album?   Anders :Yeah. Well, what can I say? We’ve always been into the traditional hard rock all the time. We grew up with it. Alice Cooper, Uriah Heap, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy. It’s been very natural for us play in this kind of genre. We never changed whatsoever given all ...

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Stryper Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Tour in NYC

Since the announcement of Stryper’s tour this year, the fan base has been ecstatic to hear the 1986 Grammy Award nominated album “To Hell With the Devil” to be played in it’s entirety. On the same token , the band has also stated after these shows they will take a hiatus. Since this announcement the shows have been one of ...

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